About European Youth Esport League

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About European Youth Esport League

The European Youth Esport League was founded as we recognised that there was a need for a serious league for the many thousands of players in Europe.

The vision behind the European Youth Esport League is based on the dream of creating a league that aims to unite all of Europe’s amateur esports players within the most popular games.

We also wanted to simplify and highlight the path into the world of professional esports by creating a platform such as this one which can pave the way towards our vision, which is now far more attainable than it was before.

At European Youth Esport, we as a company also want to highlight the potential of esports to the wider world and to create greater transparency and understanding around this type of sport. This is because we do not believe that esports is being sufficiently recognised for the potential it holds.

This is something that we want to change and develop while simultaneously helping more talented players who currently do not have the opportunity to show the world what they are capable of within esports.

Our goal for the future is to continue to develop and expand our vision so that going forwards we will be able to create a universal platform for amateurs all across the globe and thus bring the world together through virtual gaming.

Our vision for the European Youth Esport League is therefore to create a global league system for all amateur players.

We want our admins to be individuals from all across Europe. Streamers or others who want to test this concept can apply for exclusive rights to our matches.

In the future, online workshops will be held on everything from within the world of esports.
This should be viewed as an opportunity to further pursue your passion for the sport.

We will strive to always communicate about the development of the European Youth Esport League across various different platforms. This may involve future games, other tournament formats, events and communities.

We hope that you will want to be part of our vision and we look forward to seeing what the future brings for us as a wider community.

Martin Hoffgaard

CEO, European Youth Esport League